our dishes


Tana’s board chop €20
assorted cold cuts and chef delicacies
Wild boar meat* tartare with celeriac and fennel €15
Piemontese ox tartare €15
Roasted octopus, pumpkin and black chanterelle €16
Stewed organic snails, chestnuts, escarole and braised onion €14
“Use your loaf!!” €14
fried veal brain, peach, lemon; sweetbread, onions, celery; beef tongue, anchovies, corn


Home made meat ravioli with sage, bacon and drawn butter €12
“Scarpinòcc” with mountain butter, sage and parmesan cheese €12
stuffed pasta with parmesan, parsley and garlic
Sausage pork ravioli, sautéed cabbage and pork chips €15
Rhubarb, foie gras, almonds and orange risotto €17
Lightly smoked tripe and puffed bread aside €13
Pasta al pomodoro…easy as ABC €11


Pata negra* pork ribs in BBQ sauce and vitelotte potatoes cream €17
Stewed beef cheek with polenta €16
Sheep skewers, Jerusalem artichokes and bitter sweet onions €17
“Runaway birds” €16
pork meat rolls filled with bacon and sage with polenta aside
“Take your hat off” €16
marinated pata negra meat* and eggs in three ways
Puffed black polenta with walnuts, creamed cauliflower, local fresh cheese and dill €16


Oven baked potatoes €4
Mixed salad €4
Beans baked in terracotta cooking pot €4
Nonna Anna’s Polenta €4
polenta with butter, sage and parmesan cheese
Carnivorous “Pinzimonio” €5
raw vegetables served with beef marrow
Ratatouille €4

charcuterie board

Cheese selection with honey and fruit €13


Cake 1 €6
Cake 2 €6
Cake 3 €6
Cake 4 €6


Coffee €1,50
Italian Bitters €4


gluten free

presidio slow food
Dear guest, if you have allergies and | or food intolerances, ask our staff who will provide you with adequate information on our food and drinks.

* In the absence of finding the fresh product, the food could be frozen.